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Is the pelt trade still going on?

The picture below shows a seizure made by PROFEPA – Federal Environment Protection Agency – in August 2002, México.
23 jaguar skins were found at a taxidermist’s shop, illegally operating in the city of Chetumal, capital state of Quintana, in the Mexican Peninsula of Yucatán. Skins of male, female and young animals were confiscated.

Why would Brazil be out of that trade?

source: http://www.jaguares.com.ar/

Anúncios virtuais

Findings on Internet have led to conclude that our felines continue to be prey to this abominable trade.

A good evidence to that is the Italian fur store, “GH” specializing in High Fashion - Pellicceria – Pelle – Pelletteria – Cashmere. The website shows coats and accessories made of wild animal pelts and skins, sold in their central and branch stores.

http://www.millevetrine.com/ultima_pagina_negozi/ centro/traverse/vialazio/gh3/gh3.htm

Pictures taken at recent fashion shows. How can this be happening still? Who is responsible?

Just go to the web and you will enter a world of horrors, when the issue is animal pelt trading – including wild cats of Brazilian fauna, as seen above.

There is a great display of photographs showing models sporting jaguar, ocelot and other wild cat fur coats.

Picture: Elizabeth Fleming/TRAFFIC

Puma: pelting is started.

A jaguar is killed, even though it was carrying its young in its belly.

Another paradigm should be adopted whereby nature becomes a source of income and jobs for native communities, else the killings of wild cats will continue.

Implementing well planned eco-tourism areas may be a solution to preserve our natural patrimony.

A Ranch Mink and Ocelot 3/4 coat, 34 inches long (86.36 cm.) size 12-14.
Regular $ 5000.00
Sale $ 2500.00 (HST included)

On-line catalogs in virtual stores.
Ocelot fur coats.

Ocelot continue to be prey to the pelt trade, considering the amount of ads currently found on the Internet.

The situation must be displayed so that society starts mobilizing people to help protect the felines.

Photo: Luiz Fernando Cruz

How many pelts are needed to make one fur coat:

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