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Jaguars: History and pictures

Samson, Dalilah and Carlotta, were born in April 25, 2001 in a Zoo in Brasília-DF and were rejected soon after birth by their mother, Juma, that had contracted a uterus infection.

Juma, soon after it had rejected its young.

The newborn animals were bottle fed by the zoo veterinarians. However, since the zoo was already overcrowded, the young were sent to NEX on July 28, 2001, with the corresponding license from the Environmental authority IBAMA. NEX team was overjoyed to host the young jaguars in the Conservation Shelter.

Even before the arrival of the new residents, NEX team was collecting the special milk needed to feed them, while at the same time they were being trained by veterinarians on the proper care of young jaguars.

Cristina, of NEX –training with Samson.

A newborn had died previously, so every effort was made to assure the survival of these three newcomers.

Carlotta was the most difficult to accept the bottle, she was the weakest one. She took a long time to adapt, it was hard, but in the end we made it.

a plush cat to warm the baby, in the absence of mother Juma

gifts from NEX- a fence and plush animals.

habit: they only slept with plush animals next to them

With much time and effort, dedication and several sleepless nights for all involved, Samson, Dalilah and Carlotta survived.
A true victory !




Record nº  08


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera onca                 

COMMON NAME: onça pintada

KNOWN AS:  Gavião
SEX: ( X ) M    (    ) F  



MARKING: 000674D936


DATE OF ADMISSION: 30 / 11 / 2005

ORIGIN: Lambarí d’Oeste / Mato Grosso


Animal rescued by the ‘IBAMA’ fauna fiscalization together with the ‘CENAP’ at the São Jorge d’Oeste/MT Farm. Lived in a steel cord of approximately 20 meters. According to information transmitted by the people that worked at this farm, the animal was approximately 11 years old and was captured in the farm when he was born. He was fed with cow meet and did not showed aggressive behavior. The transportation to the NEX was made by land.

11 years in a steel cord at the hunter’s farm

Used as a post card for the clients of the hunter

At the beginning the animal was very scared but with the time he adapted well within the new environment. He drank loads of water and ate normally when we untied him. He is a very sweet animal. He arrived without his claws and castrated.

Nowadays, living at the NEX far:

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