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Feeding time

Both jaguars and pumas are fed once a day, near sunset. The difference in jaguars’ and pumas’ behavior when they come to feed is quite impressive. Pumas calmly walk into the feeding area and eat without any trace of aggressiveness. Jaguars behave differently among them and vis-à-vis the keepers – after they have eaten, everything is all right, but when time to feed comes...

Dalilah jumping over the feeding area fence: she is always the last to eat. Samson eats first, then it is Carlota’s turn. To date, that has been the hierarchy established among them.

Samson versus Carlota

Samson versus Dalilah

Samson biting the fence wire while the meat is not brought to him.

The new enclosure, which has been is use for merely 5 months, will have to be further protected. Vertical iron bars will be placed in all feeding are gates to protect the wire. Should aggressiveness increase, the partitions in the feeding area will be walled off, to prevent animals’ stress.

It is not without any risk to take this action now, because boredom is what makes captivity dangerous to animals. Domination over the range where they find food, and being an “individual” in that particular occasion is very important to their own development.

We shall always remain attentive to this fact, respecting the behavior characteristics when confronted with other individuals, and will always try to introduce activities to compensate the sad status of these animals, that were born to be free but will never know freedom. Our only consolation is to know that at least these ones will remain alive.

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