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The Refuge has two protected areas, where big cats can be easily kept. One of these two areas, where the jaguars are now sheltered, may be even further partitioned into two smaller areas.

Enclosure No. 1, currently inhabited by a puma, is 15m large x 15m long, with a 5m high wire mesh fence. A smaller area inside the enclosure allows keepers to bring in food and water supplies.

In the enclosure, a man-made pond (of approximately 3m X 1m X 0,80 m) is filled with running water coming from a spring, imitating a short cascade. The refuge itself was built with cement, as if it were a cave, with large stones on the outside and one entry path. Trees were kept inside the enclosure, and large tree trunks were placed to allow the animals to exercise with ease. The ground is covered with grass. An outer wire fence runs along the perimeter of the enclosure to prevent the approach of other animals or unauthorized people.

Pumas enclosure viewed from the side

Puma enclosure: safety wire fence

Enclosure No. 2, where jaguars are kept, has 400 m2, with wire mesh fences and three food supply areas to facilitate management.

A pond was built in this enclosure, with the water source forming a small cascade. The shelter itself is shaped as a cave, built of cement covered with stones, with two entry paths. The existing trees were kept inside the enclosure, and two trunks were fixed in a wooden fork. A 3m high plank allows the jaguars to exercise more freely. The ground is covered with grass. The enclosure is surrounded by an outer fence to prevent the approach of other animals or of unauthorized people.

Next to this enclosure, a smaller one (200 m2) was built as an annex, with a safety linking passage, a food supply area and the same facilities, except for the plank. This enclosure may house any of the animals, when an emergency arises, or when another individual arrives.

Jaguars’ enclosure - view of the planks

Jaguars’ enclosure: partial view of the 200 m2 annex.

Jaguars’ enclosure: safety passage and
the three food supply areas.

Jaguars’ enclosure: view of the three food supply areas (picture taken from inside the enclosure)

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