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Scientific name: Oncifelis geoffroyi (d’Orbigny & Grvais, 1843)

Common name: Geoffroy’s cat (Gato-do-mato-grande)

Behavior: Nocturnal and solitary

Habitat: savanna, dry shrubland, savanna wetland, but mainly the tropical and subtropical forests (including riverine forests).

Diet: Carnivore, mainly small vertebrates like rodents and birds.

Geographic distribution: from the south of Texas to the Patagonia in Argentina (except the Andes). In Brazil, they occur throughout the territory, except in Rio Grande do Sul.

Breeding: gestation period is 70 to 76 days, and the average litter is 2 or 3, once a year.

Description: A small species, averaging 58 cm long (43 to 70cm), with a long tail averaging 32 cm (24 to 36cm), and average weight around 4kg (2-6kg). Flexible body, the coat ranging from light gray to ochre-yellow, with innumerable dark spots that do not form rosettes. Limbs and tail present dark stripes, and the base of the neck and the dorsal region have fine dark stripes. Melanism is quite common.

Status: On IBAMA’s Official List of Endangered Brazilian Mammals, CITES appendix II.

Main Threats: In the past, the pelts were very much appreciated in the fur market. Currently the main threat is habitat destruction.

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