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Scientific name: Herpailurus yagouaroundi (E. Geoffroy, 1803)

Common name: Jaguarundi (Jaguarundi, gato-mourisco)

Behavior: mainly crepuscular, terrestrial, solitary.

Habitat: savanna, dry shrubland, savanna wetland, but mainly tropical and subtropical forests (including riverine forests).

Diet: Carnivore, mainly small vertebrates like rodents and birds.

Geographic distribution: from the south of Texas down to Patagonia in Argentina (except the Andes). In Brazil they occur in all regions, except for the Southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Breeding: Gestation period is 72 to 75 days, average litter is 2 (1-4).

Description: A medium sized animal, averaging 63 cm (49-77cm), with a long tail averaging 42cm (28 to 59cm), average weight 5,2kg (3-7kg). The body is elongated, with a small flat head, small and nicely rounded ears. Limbs are relatively short. The coat has a uniform color, sometimes dapple-gray, ranging from ochre-brown to yellow.

Main Threats: Altered habitat, scarce prey availability.

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