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These are NEX current projects.
See where you may be able to help!

Current Projects

1- Design and building of the Quarantine Sector enclosures, to shelter big cats sent to NEX by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment Protection (IBAMA) which are proven problem-animals -- farm cattle predators or similar cases.

2- Reform and adaptation of one of the property dwellings to house the Veterinarian Clinic.

3- Design and installation of a cold storage chamber, needed to store the amount of beef required to feed animals in the Conservation Refuge -- and those in the Quarantine Sector also, after works are finished.

4- Project design of Internet satellite links and cameras connections to be installed in the Conservation Refuge, so that felines’ activities may be seen on-line, in real time, on the NEX website.

5- Workshops in environmental education for neighboring farms’ residents. For these seminars, we need illustrations, videos, posters, manuals or any other publication containing information on our felines. This material will become the property of the Neighbors’ Association of Aparecida de Loyola, who will be partnering with NEX to schedule these workshops.

6- Project and design of Aparecida de Loyola Square, which will feature a center to attract and support rural tourism and ecotourism.

7- Design and implementation of Aparecida de Loyola Master Plan, to enable townspeople to control urban growth and development.

8- “Seeds for the Future” Project - aimed at implementing quality schooling for children between 4 and 6 years of age. Volunteers to work with these children are welcome, provided they are qualified professionals.

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