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The philosophy of NEX is based on the assumption that protecting our forests and fauna and promoting environmental education is a duty of everyone in our society. Our own survival depends on it, as man and the environment are closely related and nature provides for the future of mankind. Striking a correct balance with nature requires wise actions, not a dominating behavior.

We found that the condition of our wild felines is quite upsetting, and decided to devote our best efforts to this cause.

At the beginning of the year 2000, plans to create NEX and to build the required structure for the project were started. The site would be located on the private property of Cristina Gianni, currently the President of NEX, who made a voluntary assignment of the use of land rights, to the detriment of her own personal patrimony.

Although aware of the reach and complexity of the work we intended to accomplish -- from planning to legalization, to building, and to administering each step of the project -- we defied every obstacle, in the firm belief that nothing is impossible for those who voluntarily unite for a common cause.

We were soon rewarded, for as we started working for the protection of wild cats, we also began promoting the social development of the residents living in the community close to the farmhouse.

Our Mission

In the environmental area:

Our main goal is the preservation and defense of endangered wild cats of Brazilian fauna.

Eight endangered species are now under our protection:

  • Panthera onca - jaguar (onça-pintada, onça-preta)
  • Puma concolor –puma/mountain lion/cougar (suçuarana,onça-parda)
  • Leopardus pardalis –ocelot (jaguatirica);
  • Leopardus wiedii –margay (gato-maracajá)
  • Oncifelis geoffroyi –geoffroy’s cat (gato-do-mato-grande)
  • Leopardus tigrinus –oncilla/tiger cat (gato-do-mato-pequeno);
  • Herpailurus yagouaroundi -jaguarundi (jaguarundi, gato-mourisco);
  • Oncifelis colocolo –pampas cat (gato-palheiro);

In the social area:

The rural neighborhood of the farm “Fazenda Preto Velho”, where our project is located, is very poor and its population extremely needy and unassisted.

The workers’ families living in neighboring farms and the 87 families residing in the hamlet known as Povoado de Aparecida de Loyola, total 465 souls living in extreme poverty, facing unemployment and an absolute lack of future prospects. NEX endeavored to implement a Local Integrated and Sustainable Development Project, based in voluntary work, at no cost. Within an impressively short period of time, surprising results were obtained, turning this project into an example for larger communities in the district. The community affectionately dubbed this project the “Wildcats Help People Project”.


NEX is a non-governmental organization, legally constituted as a non-profit civil entity, with the main objective of preserving and defending endangered felids of Brazilian wild fauna.

The Articles of Incorporation and By-laws were registered on May 9, 2001.


Of the Name and Legal Nature

“ Art. 1 – Under the name of “Instituto de Preservação e Defesa dos Felídeos da Fauna Silvestre do Brasil em Processo de Extinção” (Institute for the Preservation and Defense of Endangered Felids of Brazilian Wild Fauna), hereunder simply NEX, this non-profit civil association is hereby instituted. It will be ruled by the attached By-laws and the pertinent laws of the country.
“Paragraph – When implementing special projects, the association shall simply adopt the name NEX – No Extinction. “

NEX Registration Number with the National Registry of Artificial Persons: –CNPJ - 04.567.090/0001-58

NEX Identification Number with the Federal District Fiscal Registry: CF/DF: 07.427.097/001-48

Ibama Registration Number of the Conservation Refuge: 232423

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