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Our Team (click to enlarge)



Our team is integrated by the founding members, who were elected to the Board, the Technical Consulting Committee and Fiscal Committee.


Cristina Gianni – designer and entrepreneur

Technical Consulting Committee:

Marcelo Lima Reis – Biologist

Cléa Lúcia Magalhães – Veterinarian

Rebecca Martinz Cardoso – Veterinarian

Gabriela Silva Noronha – Tourism and Community Training expert

Karla Mendes Batista - Veterinarian

Daniel Rios de Magalhães Borges – Biologist

Vanessa Costa de Oliveira – Biologist and Veterinarian

Simone Nunes Fonseca – Forest Engineer

Cláudio Tadeu Lopes da Silva – Veterinarian

Luiza Helena Rocha da Silva – Veterinarian

André Ricardo Panizzi Queiroz – Anthropologist

Wagner Frota Correia de Souza - Sociologist

Leonardo Nunes Fonseca - Biologist

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