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Art. 4 – The main object of NEX is to preserve life of endangered Brazilian wild felines, defend their natural habitat and protect them from poachers and hunters; and to integrate the needy rural population in this conservation and defense work through raising conscience and knowledge, training and environmental education.

Paragraph 1 – To reach its proposed objectives, NEX may suggest, promote, collaborate with, coordinate, or carry out actions and projects aimed at:

I – Creating the necessary practical conditions for wildlife defense and conservation, especially of endangered Brazilian wild feline species;

II – Building refuges to shelter wild felines that cannot be kept at zoos because of overpopulation, or that are being kept in inadequate conditions; wild felines taken from illegal traders; and wild felines that may present evident danger to farms, attacking cattle or other domestic animals;

III – Implementing monitoring programs in critical areas, where animals’ predatory activities against domestic animals are more frequent;

IV – Decreasing the high rate of jaguar killings, by helping farmers to find alternatives to losses caused by wild animals manifestly threatening their farms;

V – Acquiring land of relevant ecological value for the defense and conservation of endangered wild feline species;

VI – Researching animal behavior in large refuges, looking for possibilities of transfer into private reserves;

VII – Implementing environmental education programs;

VIII – Implementing training programs to qualify people to work with defense and conservation of this particular species;

IX – Implementing scientific research programs, as well as providing the necessary structure for such programs;

X – Implementing scientific tourism programs;

XI – Establishing exchange relationships between NEX and other education and research institutions;

XII – Creating a data bank with all research information collected by NEX;

XIII – Preserving, recovering and defending the environment and promoting sustainable development.

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