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Life of
endangered species must be preserved in Conservation Refuges.

Cristina Gianni, President of NEX, talks about the threats to wild feline species in Brazil.

By reading Christie´s Blog you keep in touch with Nex conservation refuge news!


NEX is a non-governmental organization created to defend and preserve the life of endangered wild felines in Brazil.

The Conservation Refuge is not our only project. The "Jaguars Helping People" Community Program is aimed at promoting citizenship and sustainable development for people who live in the Project's neighboring communities.


Meet the Jaguar's and the 'Suçuaranas' that live at our Conservation Refugee.

Send us facts and histories of Jaguar's that are being threatened for attacking cattle in farms.

Acquiring the NEX products is another way of contribution to help us on defending these animals.
Helps us!

You can also help by doing an on-line donation!
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